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CC-18 BVAL Finals Roni & Vastillo


What it means to be a Seventy Sixer


The Independence High School Cross Country and Track & Field Program is based on education, tradition, pride, commitment, and leadership.

It is expected for a 76er Athlete to:

  • Prioritize classroom performance over all other extra-curricular activities.

  • Uphold and pass down the legacies of former athletes and coaches.

  • Represent Independence High School with the highest qualities of sportsmanship.

  • Be highly invested in the success of themselves and teammates.

  • Learn to take initiative, build, and be active participants within their community.


As a part of the team, it is our job as athletes, teammates, and coaches to:

  1. Be impeccable (in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless) with your work ethic.

  2. Treat each other with dignity, kindness, patience, and understanding.

  3. Be transparent, genuine, and trusting of each other.

  4. Practice consistent commitment, listening and communication skills, and honesty.

  5. Give others the benefit of the doubt when things do not go as planned.

  6. Strive to continuously improve by asking questions and being open to new perspectives.

  7. Experience the activity, the lessons, and humility that comes with the sport.

  8. To take responsibility, be a positive figure, and lead the team to success.

  9. Show others why this activity can be fun, meaningful, and worth it.

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